Saturday, August 26, 2006

Almost done with August!

Well - here it is the end of August already! Fall is on the way, Football season is upon us, and COOLER weather!

It has been hot here lately, but we HAVE been getting a bit more rain then earlier. The grass hay is actually taller then it was before we cut it in June! Don't know if we will get a second cutting, though, I don't have room to put it!

I have been gathering more materials for fence building. The neighbor brought some more woven wire and I got a call from a lady today who had 8 rolls of used "hog wire". I'll take all I can get! I MIGHT go over to pick it up tomorrow as she works night durring the week. I have been out with my Surveyor's level shooting a line for fence. I had my nephew help for a bit when he was here for a few hours a couple weeks ago. We put flags out and the next day I put pins into the ground next to the flags. ***NOTE*** If you have cattle, sheep, goats or other livestock in the same pasture that you are surveying - take paint along with you! The kind of paint that construction companies and surveyors use to mark the ground. I spent about 2 hours one day trying to find the pins I had set out the day before. It seems that livestock like to munch the pretty red flags! I am still looking for one of the pins, but I can live without it. I made sure to spray a circle about a foot around the pins.

I also scouted out the area for fence posts - I just dead-reckoned about 250 posts in a very short time and a small area. There are several trees Hedge (Osage Orange) trees that are HUGE - I will be able to get 25 posts from ONE TREE! I can't wait until it cools off a little more so I can get started!

I also (FINALLY!) hung the gate to the pasture I fenced off a couple months ago! I used part of an ancient hay feeder and some horse panel. I decided to "Macgyverize" a wheel onto it so it would be easy for my wife to open. Here is a photo.

Well - I better get going!

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