Friday, October 20, 2006

Chilly October

The winter winds have hit early this year! We've had lows in the 20's several nights and highs only in the 40's. There have been a few days of 60's and even a few 70's mixed in,but it seems that winter wants to make an early appearence this year. There were even a FEW small flakes in the air the other morning - nothing major, but we did have a few.

I have been trying to clean up and winterize things around the place. I managed to put in a buried electric line to the barn a few days ago. I dug the trench with a ripper and cleaned it out with my plow. Now I don't have to worry about driving over an extension cord anymore. It is only 100' long, but took 2 days to do.

I also managed to come up with more tin and lumber for free! The neighbors around are helpful with materials they don't want. It helps us both out - they want the stuff gone, and I need it to use! I've lived by this town for a good part of my life and have a lot of wonderful neighbors who remember me from my younger days.

This particular find was a shed that had fallen over and the roof peak was about 5' off the ground. We went over and pulled tin off and will go back for the lumber in a few days. I was telling my neighbor that this was the kind of building I like to tear down - it's close to home, close to the ground (no ladders!), comes apart easy, and has lots of usable materials. I counted 45 12' pieces of tin and 40 good 10' 2x6's. I am only able to work on it for 2-3 hours a day before the back, knees, and hips start in, but it is going pretty easy, so it SHOULDN'T take long, especially with help.

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