Saturday, December 22, 2007

Dead Printer....

I don't print a whole lot of stuff, and what I DO print is usually not very complicated, graphic wise. Of and on over the past year or so, my printer has been acting up. It finally decide to pretty much die in the last few days.
Coincidentally, my wife needed a new scanner. She decided that she would get a new printer/scanner machine, and I would get her printer. So - we ended up going to Lincoln yesterday and buying a printer. This, of course, led to re-arranging of her office and my desk. Not a way to spend a Saturday......
On top of this, we had to get new cell phones, so we had to "set them up" today. It's amazing how much useless gizmo's they can get into a tiny box! As long as it makes phone calls, it's fancy enough for me!

I finished my hand auger and hooked it up to the grain bin. I found some auger "flighting" at neighbor's house. Some PVC pipe and fittings, a little welding on a handle, and I now have a new auger that brings corn from and outside bin into the barn. This will get the corn out of the barrels and out of the barn.
My wife's dad has a similar set up in Missouri, but he used the whole metal auger to make his from. I used the PVC to make it a little stiffer and to mate up with my bin easier. Both will work, especially if it is a shorter auger and is hand run.I still have a few small things to do on the bin, but it is pretty much ready to go.
I have put SOME grain in it and run the auger, but won't be able to fill it until it warms up a bit.

It's been cold an windy today. We didn't get the snow that the "Weather Gypsies" predicted. We were forecast to get 2" to 4", and got a dusting. The wind is not nice, but it's better then have it AND snow.

We also had FedEx drop a package off to us on Thursday. After they had left, we realized that it was for my sister-in-law (they live about 1/2 mile from us). As the FedEx truck was turning out of our driveway, I told my wife that they are "probably heading to their house with a package for us". We called my SIL and told her that her package was here and she said she'd stop by to pick it up. We found out today that they DID drop of a package for us at her house!

At least we got the right package to the right people!

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