Sunday, December 30, 2007

Killing those plastic shopping bags....

Paper or's a saying that has worked it's way into our hearts and minds. It is a relatively new part of our language, but you hear it where ever you go. From "mom and pop" stores, to the big mega stores.

I prefer plastic.

Plastic seems to hold up better (unless it's overloaded), it's easier to hold onto, and easier to reuse. Aside from the usual re-uses as trash bags, storage bags, windsocks and lunch buckets, there are a couple of other uses. They make excellent packing material for shipping things. You can make really nifty hot air balloons with them. One tied to a fence works to keep a calf or goat amused as it flops in the wind.
I have recently discovered another use for them - weaving. My mom used to make floor mats and other rugs out of them. I wanted them to use as "curtains" in the barn. Not the "lacy" decoration kind, but ones that actually serve a purpose.
Remember those plastic curtains they used to have in the grocery stores? This is the same principal. I plan to hang them from the top of the open (door less) doorways in the barn so the air/snow will at least, slow down a little. Even if it's only the top half of the door, it will help. The way I do it also helps get rid of excess baling twine I have from feeding the goats. I use the twine on my "loom" to weave the bags through.
I make woven strips about 3 feet long and 5"-6" wide. When I have 6-7 of these strips, I can fasten them together at the top and hang them in the door. I can still walk through the curtain, but it helps slow down the breeze. I can also tie the strips together in several places to for a "mat" for use in the shop or barn.

Amazing what you can use trash for, ain't it?

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