Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Guess I'm on the Night Shift....

Yesterday, we loaded up 50 bales of grass hay to take to the auction. It wasn't fun, but we got it done. I have been keeping an eye on a couple of our goats that were bred last fall. One had started to "bag" pretty heavy, so I put her in a large stall in the barn by herself. She can still talk to the other goats through the fence, but can't get out.

This morning, I took the hay to the auction, along with a few chickens. I don't know yet what either will bring, but the more, the better! There was another man there that had about 35 chickens to sell. His were a different breed then mine, and a lot smaller. He put 9 in one cage and told me that they were "escape artists". Sure enough. The guy leaves and 5 minutes later one of his birds finds a small gap and squirts through it! There was no way I was gonna catch that chicken - especially with my luck lately - so I didn't even try. Instead, I found some wire and secured the cage so (hopefully) no more of his birds got out.

I got home about noon and checked on the "due-doe". She was moaning softly and standing by the gate to her stall. She actually came up to me and wanted her neck scratched. She is friendly anyway, but she didn't want me to stop! She sounded so pittiful - softly calling as I left.
I just came in about 15 minutes ago from checking on her. She is still standing up and "moaning", and REALLY wants her neck and back rubbed. I will go out again after a bit and check on things again. It MIGHT be a long night. I think she will probably kid before to long, and it will probably be at 2:00 am.

It's ALWAYS at 2:00 am....

I don't know if she is an "easy" kidder or not - this is the first pregnancy I've had her. We shall find out soon.

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