Saturday, February 9, 2008

A odd find...and I spoke too soon....

We've had a couple three nice days in the past few weeks. Highs around 40 or so. Mostly, though, the high temps have been in the lower 30's and lows in the tens at night. We even had a snow storm go through earlier in the week.

Today it was 35°, but has since dropped to 29°. The wind chill is 19°. We still have a "smattering" of snow on the ground.

A few minutes ago, I walked out the back door and found a "wooly worm" caterpiller on the concrete. I picked it up and it was alive. I've never noticed one in February before. I have seen them all over in the late summer and fall, but not in the middle of winter.

As for the speaking too soon....
I posted yesterday about our cat ignoring the catnip toy we bought for her. Well - tonight I came in from checking on the goats and collecting eggs. My wife told me to "look around the corner, but don't come in (to the utility room)".
I peeked around the corner and saw the cat on top of her rug on the cabinet, flopping and wriggling all over. She was having a good old time rubbing her face and whole body all over the toy. She pushed it off onto the floor, so I picked it up for her. She right away started rubbing all over it. It's fun to watch a cat play with a catnip toy! My wife tried to get a couple of photos, but I don't know if she did.

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  1. No I didn't, everytime I got close enough, she would stop, and sit up like she wasn't doing anything. I think she is camera shy! *giggle*


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