Thursday, March 13, 2008

Guess I'm gonna have to fix it....

My "Chicken Trap" barrel.

Last night, I "made the rounds" at dusk, making sure everyone was in bed and things were closed up for the night. As I was checking the barn, I thought I heard a hen making inquisitive clucking sounds. I looked around for several minutes, but didn't see her, nor did I hear her again.

This morning, I finished feeding the goats and cats their breakfast. I lifted the lid on the barrel containing the chicken feed and was surprised to find TWO hens inside! They seemed relieved to be let out of their "prison cell". I scooped them up and tossed them outside.

BOTH of them had the gaul to follow me up to the chicken coop and EXPECTED me to open the door for them to go inside to eat with their buddies. Some nerve.....

The barrel became "out of round" when it was tipped over while nearly full. I managed to get it righted without loosing much feed but, since it is still over half full, I will have to wait until I use more so I can try to get rid of the "egg shape" and get it back to round.

I also had my little buddy with me today as I was out and about. The same little runt chicken followed me just about everywhere, looking for a hand out and pecking at my boots. She has obviously associated me with food, and figures I will give in if I'm pecked enough.

I FINALLY pulled the old trailer I got from my BIL out to get it ready to use. It has been sitting for about 5 years with no bed on it. It is made out of the frame of one of those big Utility Company trucks. Mark (BIL) kept the HUGE utility bed that was on it, but gave me the frame and axle from underneath. A little welding and I will be able to put a bed on the top. Since we have been tearing down a nearby barn, I finally have the materials I need to do it with.

The "Drunk, Dazed, and Confused" Rooster from yesterday has made a full recovery. He is back to his feisty self.

I have noticed something about the animals around here. They are ALL FOR free food and handouts but, when I invite any of them to a Bar-B-Que, nobody volunteers.....

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