Sunday, March 9, 2008

Ninja Goats..........

If you have ever been around baby sheep and baby goats, you'll notice how much fun they are to watch play and learn about things in their new world. I've never RAISED both, but I have been around both. I even helped out on a sheep "ranch" when I was in High School. The guy only had 6 or 8 sheep but, to him, it was a ranch.....

Lambs can be fun to watch, but a goat kid, just has way more energy. They run around, kick up their heels, and head butt the sky. They just seem to enjoy life a lot more.

This morning, I went out to feed the animals and found the three latest additions in their respective pens, duking it out with imaginary friends. The oldest one was REALLY into "shadow boxing". She would twirl around, kick up her heels, then roll in the straw to get up and start in again. Her moves would make Chuck Norris or any Ninja warrior jealous (I SWEAR I could see her lips move out of sync with her voice - just like in those old dubbed "kung-fo" movies...).

At least the other two were twins, so they have a sparing partner. Even so, they occasionally take on an invisible foe. I don't know how long this battle goes on, but I see it several times a day. It is usually followed closely by a "power nap".

After the nap, the "warriors" indulge in a large "High Energy Drink" and settle in for more combat. The moms just shake their heads at this behavior. Their job is to keep supplying the High Energy Drink.

Little do the moms, or anyone else know, these little guys are plotting an overthrow of the barn (anyone read Animal Farm.....?). I snuck in quietly yesterday, and caught the little ones talking to each other through a small hole in the plywood separating their pens. All three had their lips pressed up to that hole and were discussing who knows what.

I guess it MIGHT not have been anything "sinister", but they DID disperse quickly when I was spotted. They also tried to act like nothing was going on.

They might have been discussing who has the better High Energy Drink, for all I know......

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  1. *giggle* Ninja Goats....thats cute. Baby goats are way cuter than sheep to me, I've always liked them more. When dad went to sheep for a while, I sure missed the baby goats hoping and skipping around. They seem to have more personality, and like to play more.


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