Monday, April 21, 2008

Feeding Day...

Well - the six new babies are still SIX! Doesn't look like the others are gonna hatch.
I moved the whole bunch out of their nest box today and into a "pan" that will be easier for the youngsters to climb out of and get to food/water.

Mom wasn't too keen on this at first, but is actually gives her more room to move around and she can still watch her brood.

Today was first day of school for the babies. Up for study - FOOD 101....
I set in a pan of whole corn for mom (which she was eager to get...). It was funny to watch her kids stand around and watch mom eat. A couple even tried "poking" at the corn.

The lesson went MUCH better when I set in a container of feed small enough for the chicks. Mom dove right in, came up with a beak full, then proceeded to tell them all how yummy it was. Then another beak full, and more raving over how good it tasted. Then ANOTHER beak full.....wait a second, mom! Save some for the babies......

I wish I'd had a camera! All six standing around the food container, watching mom show them how to eat, then "talking" amongst themselves, then trying it out to see if mom was right.

When I last saw them, they were "diving" right into their food - in more ways than one. I'll give them a day or so, then use the small feeder I have.

For now, mom really like the room service she's getting. She doesn't seem eager to get outside at all. Her attitude will change in a few days, though.

I got a little work done on the new fence line, today, too. It won't take much longer to get it ready for wire. I have all but 10 or 12 posts in and one creek crossing. HOPEFULLY, I can get it done in the next week or two.

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