Sunday, April 6, 2008

More "Stuff".....

This morning I went into the barn to feed the natives and checked up on the new kittens. I only counted four. I looked around a little bit and found one laying on the floor beside the stack of hay bales (three high) that mom had them on. I figured it was dead, so I picked it up to get rid of the body. I was surprised to find it still alive. It was cold, but moving. I put it back up in the "nest" with mom. I took some loose hay and made a ridge all the way around her nest so they wouldn't be able to roll out so easy. This evening, all five were still kicking and eating at the buffet table.

This afternoon I took a trailer over to the farm where they are clearing things to make way for planting. The man had a big pile of used Hedge posts, telephone poles, and other things ready for me to haul off.

I TRIED loading a few by hand, but was quickly defeated by my back and knees. I admitted defeat and called a neighbor to see if he could come help load them with his tractor. It made for short work loading them that way. There were about 30 good posts, 7 rail road ties, and another 8 poles. I REALLY needed fence materials, so these posts will come in handy.

A big surprise was the pile of hog and cattle panels that were there. We loaded 6 of the 30" hog panels and another 12 of the 4' cattle panels. There were also a couple of bent ones on top. These will come in extremely handy.

I think I am about done with the barn project. I THOUGHT I was done yesterday, but they "dug up" another piece. There is only one section of roof left. The man who owns the place even drug it out to the corner of his field by the road to make it easy to get to. I will probably cut it in half and drag it home to tear apart here. I will be glad to have everything done over there. I have already used several of the materials from the barn on a few projects. I almost need to build another shed just to store all the materials I have collected!

My baby chicks are growing really well so far. They are about 4 times as big as they were when I brought them home. Hopefully, I can build a covered run soon so I can let them outside when it's warmer.

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