Tuesday, April 15, 2008

WINDY Day....

It's THAT time of year in SE Nebraska......

FENCING SEASON! No, not the kind where you put on funny white suits and yell En Guard! I mean the kind that involves posts and wire. It is easiest to do this time of year because the ground is still soft.

I have been trying to get as much done as I can, but it is slow going. So far, in about 3 weeks, I have managed to complete about 400' of it. I am trying to get another 100' or so done by this weekend. What I am fencing in will make a nice new pasture for the goats - LOTS of brushy stuff to eat, and they will clean it up for me!

It will be great to have another pasture for the goats to browse around in. This will greatly help my ability to do "rotational grazing", too. By this winter I am HOPING to have my hay field fenced in so I can let them "fertilize" it for me.

It was REALLY fun to do anything today. The south wind was blowing steady at 30 mph, with gusts close to 40. My wife was going to try out the new clothesline we put up, but it was just TO windy.

I had a cousin call the other day and ask if he could turkey hunt on my place for a couple of days. When we first got this place we told people (family) that if they wanted to hunt, ask US (my wife and I), not the prior owner, because he doesn't have hunting rights (even though he THINKS he does). That way, we know who is out there in case something happens. This was the FIRST time someone actually contacted us before going out to hunt! (We did get a garbled message a few years ago that we THINK was about hunting....). Work with us, and we will work with you. Thanks for asking, Tom.

I built a small goat shelter in a pasture behind the barn so the Kinder Billy would have a place out of the weather to sleep in. He is in his own pasture, but doesn't like not being able to be with the girls. I used some pallets I cut in half and put a small half dome tin over the top. He's above ground on a pallet, and it SHOULD be fairly rain tight. I built it yesterday, but tied it down this morning - just in time for the wind!

We have been milking the goats now for several days. We had bought a milker, but it wasn't working right, so we returned it. For now, the "milk maid" will just have to take care of it. I keep telling her (milk maid) that I'm used to cows, and am used to bigger things to play with. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it......

The Kinder kids are starting to warm up to me now. I'm the mean so-and-so who separates them from mommy at night, and steals their milk in the morning. I try to go out and sit with them for awhile every day, and I give them grain at night. They don't fight as hard going into their night stall, either. I'm hoping that they get as friendly as their moms.

I also found another roll of wire today. It is woven, but it has smaller "holes", so it will be used for dog fence - or chicken fence. It is only about 30' long, so it won't go far. I'll take what I can get.

Tomorrow is supposed to another windy one like today was. HOPEFULLY it won't be QUITE as rough.....

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