Saturday, May 10, 2008

I MIGHT Actually Have Gotten Away With It.....

Last Tuesday, I planted some corn. It worked out so that I managed to catch about 2/3 of the chicken herd in the coop while we disced and planted. There were only 3 or 4 who SAW me, and only ONE who came over to investigate.

Since then, that one, lone rooster has been "meandering" in the general direction of the corn field. He's a noisy guy, so it's not hard to tell when he's in the vicinity. The first time, I stepped out onto the back patio and popped him with the BB gun. Since then, I only need to step out and SHOW him the BB gun, and he runs of like he's hurt.


At least this year, there is no wholesale "UN-planting" being done by the group. It won't be long before it is up and it won't be a problem.

This morning, I decided to block off both ends of the driveway so we could let the goats graze (browse...) down the grass that is growing along it. It is a good mix of Bluegrass, Brome, Redtop, several weeds, and even some small locust trees.

Goat Heaven.....

We got the drive closed off, then made sure the goats found the new "pasture", and left them to have fun. Unfortunately, about 45 minutes later it started to rain. Most of them made it safely to the barn before they melted but, three - 2 Boer does and a kid, we're almost completely melted away before they remembered where the gate was! As soon as they found it, though, they came back to life and SPRINTED to the safety of the barn.

Believe me, there is NOTHING like the smell of a barn full of wet goats.....

We'll see if they venture back out this afternoon when the threat of the evil rain showers are over. The call of all that lush greenery might just be too drawing....

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