Thursday, June 19, 2008

Rain, Rain, Rain....

Here we go again! So far today we've only received about .80 of an inch, but it's rain we don't REALLY need. In a MONTH, we'll be wanting it, but now we need it to dry up.

I made a trip to take some scrap metal today. I noticed several people along the highway were cutting hay. I figure they knew what the best thing to do for them was, but I - personally - don't think I'd be out there mowing hay when there is a 50% chance of rain and it's already cloudy and even a few sprinkles.

Next week looks better - SO FAR - for cutting hay, time will tell. THIS week looked good LAST week!

I went outside this evening and took a couple photos of an approaching storm front. I managed to get back as far as the chicken coop before the downpour hit. It didn't last long, though, I spent about 20 minutes in with the other chickens, huddled against the storm.

Here is looking to the southwest from the front yard:

Here is another looking to the northeast and toward town

We had about 35 minutes after this line went through, and now (9:30 pm) another line is going through.

I asked my neighbor this morning how much rain he thought we'd get. He said "20 Hundredths". I think his prediction is "all wet"......

I came home from the scrap yard about 11:30 this morning. My goats were in the pasture and up near the road. I knew it was going to rain SOON, so I pulled into the barn and waited for them to come running. Usually, they feel the first drop and high tail it for the barn. This time, however, the first drop was IMMEDIATELY followed by a near downpour!

Needless to say, they were half melted before they got to the barn...

I took a couple pictures of some chicks tonight. I don't know what breed these are, but they were listed as "Rainbow Layers" in the store. I got these guys for free. They are a matching set - I THINK they are both girls. I think they are going to be really pretty birds.

Here is the "twin":


  1. Yes, it seems to be nothing but "rain,rain,rain".
    When are any of us going to get to cut hay and get it in dry. I think of all the years we could and wished we were having rain and not getting it. That doesn't help much though.

    I guess we will keep praying for hay cutting weather.

    Those chickens are pretty. It will be interesting to see what their eggs look like.


  2. Love your blog! Told my pal I wanted to make a 'from scrap' chicken coop and she said "go here"
    Look forward to reading all your stuff.


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