Sunday, July 20, 2008


Over the last 17 years, we have had numerous lawn mowers. All of the push mowers have been new, all of the riding mowers have been used.

It seems like the push mowers these days are getting more and more expensive, while - at the same time - getting cheaper and cheaper. It's a "cost -vs- quality" thing....

Unless you can afford to spend $200 to $300 for a push mower (and THAT might not be enough), you are probably going to get a cheap quality machine that will only last a year or two, unless you have a small area to use it on.

I have two older mowers (well, one is about 7 years old, and the other about 4...) that MIGHT run. The oldest one will START, but is old, tired and weak. It RUNS, but that is about it, it has no power. We've brought it back from the dead several times. The newer one worked up until last year when the starter cord broke. It was dying anyway. I had the local small engine guy replace the cord. I haven't been able to start it since - HE can start it, but I sure can't.

This year, Deb volunteered to do the mowing close to the house so I wouldn't have to push the mower. This was a HUGE help. While I CAN push the mower, it is REALLY rough on my back to do it. Since I couldn't start the old mower - and SHE couldn't start it, either - guess what I got her for her birthday in May?

Yup - a push mower.....

She even picked it out.

I have since been mowing as close to the house as I can get with the 8N and brush hog. It's not "pretty", but it's short. Then she finishes with the push mower. This was fine, but there are a few tight places that make it rough to turn the tractor around.

As for riding mowers, we have always bought used. New was just too much money. We bought and old MTD in 1994 when we lived in Missouri. It was already 9 years old, but ran great. It served us well until I loaned it to a friend who ran it without the air cleaner and ruined the motor. It finally gave up the ghost in 2004.

We ended up buying a used one from a "not so reputable" dealer. It died within the first couple hours. Another dealer (a good one) then sold us a John Deere STX38 Yellow Deck. It was really too small, but served ok for a season. It taught me one thing though.....

John Deere ain't worth the cost of the green paint to cover them! I still have it. I'm thinking of painting it red and making a mail box out of it.

Actually, it taught me something else - Don't buy another used mower! There is a reason the dealer got it back.

It was time to buy a new one.

We thought about a ZTR mower, but decided against it because of the hills on our place. Not to mention the price...

So I searched and researched until I came up with this Poulan Pro EX700 Garden Tractor at the local Orschlen's Store (its like a TSC....):

We ended up getting the tractor for about half price due to discounts and coupons. It has a 54" deck, so it will make mowing faster. One feature I like is the "Reverse Operation System", which allows you to mow in reverse.
It's the first NEW mower I've ever had. Hopefully, it will last a good, long time....
At least it's paid for....

We brought it home Friday, the 18th, in between rain storms. I did manage to "test it out", but more rain cut my fun short. Today, I used it some more, but mowing in 95° heat is NOT my idea of fun.

Maybe I can talk Deb into one of those nice shade umbrellas they make for mowers.....

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  1. That mower looks like you will really have fun mowing. It looks really nice.



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