Monday, July 7, 2008

Well - It Sure FEELS Like July...

The last two or three days have really been humid out! Even at 7:00 in the morning, it feels like I'm gonna drown! It isn't AS bad when the breeze blows, but it's been low lately.

We are supposed to get some rain this evening, so that will help on the dryness. Two weeks ago everyone was complaining it was raining so much, now we could use a bit. As long as it is dry enough to put up the neighbor's hay in the next few days, I'll be happy. We got ours in, now it's time for his to be done.

This morning, after I came in from milking, I looked out the kitchen window and saw 5 Turkeys about 50' from the house. One Tom and 4 hens. At first, I thought that they were some of my chickens. When I looked again, I realized that they were to big to be chickens! They just moseyed around until they saw me taking their picture, then ran off into the trees.

I did manage to get a little bit of mowing done and a few other little things, but it was a slow day.

This afternoon, I hooked up the 8N to my grinder to do some more feed for the chickens. Usually, there is a tiny bit that will fall out of the bottom of the grinder as it works.

This, of course, got the attention of the "Herd" rather quickly. I was SURE that I'd have feathers flying if one got hooked up in one of the many moving parts of the grinder. I ended up putting a scoop of feed on the ground outside the barn so they would leave me alone.

Sometimes, they can be PESKY.

I was outside this evening getting ready to close things up for the night.
There were a few straggler chickens still out milling around. It seems that there is always some youngin' that doesn't want to go to bed.
Well - it started to rain slightly - a little passing shower.
All of a sudden, the stragglers charge for the coop and duck inside. It made me wonder -

Can CHICKENS actually "duck" anywhere?

At least they had sense enough to come in out of the rain...

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