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Monday, September 15, 2008

Brought It Home....

I finally managed to bring my new (to me...) baler home today!

It's a New Holland "Hayliner 273" - I THINK about a 1970 model. We got it from a neighbor who is getting out of the haying business. I still have to bring home the Windrower he has, but it will wait a couple days.

I spent a couple hours cleaning this baler up and getting it ready for use. I got 98% of the stuff cleaned off, so I went in to get my camera. While I was gone, a chicken decided that it was TOO clean. The fine-feathered criminal left a "calling card" on the bale chute, when it left.

If I knew which one was the culprit, we'd be having Bar-B-Q chicken for supper.....

We also brought over a Bale Basket Accumulator that goes behind the baler. It will sure be nice not to have to run all over the field to pick up hay. Everything will be in nice 10 bale piles.

I have a tip for you:

If you go into the Dollar store - or anywhere, for that matter - to buy Salted Peanuts - make SURE you don't grab the 'unsalted' ones by mistake. They taste REALLY bland! Unfortunately, I opened one jar before I noticed they were unsalted. I ended up returning/exchanging the other jar for the good ones.

I choked down some of the bland ones, then mixed them with the salted ones. It seems to have taken care of the situation well enough to eat them!

Now I know why the shelf was full of unsalted ones and most of the good ones were gone.....


  1. If you can tolerate the 'mixed' ones, maybe that mixed is a good idea...still tasty, but a little less sodium in your scrounge-gullet? :-D

  2. That looks like a pretty nice baler you got there.


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