Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Goats Are Being "Stalked"......

My chickens, too!

A few months ago, I planted some corn that my neighbor was kind enough to give me. It was a 'haste' job, so I knew going in that it wouldn't produce like a "normal" field.
I didn't plan on using any chemicals to kill the weeds and grass. I also only used a small amount of "goat berries" for fertilizer. I didn't have much time to use very much of THAT.

I also planted it using different planter plates then I should have. My plant population was quite high. In addition, I never got time to cultivate between the rows.

I wasn't really concerned about it, though. I knew that most of the crop would be used for fodder. I also plan on picking the ears for later use.

The ears are only "half sized", but it is more then what I started out with. I have already tossed a few to both the goats and chickens. There are LOTS more out there. I'll save the ears for mostly chicken feed, but the goats will get a few of them.

I have been tossing a few stalks over the fence, the past few days. I try to hit the old tractor tire I have in there, but SOME HOW, they keep getting drug out of it.

Every once-in-awhile, somebody finds a 'goody'. Then it's time to "waller it around awhile" to make sure and get to kernels off. Some spit the cob out, others eat it. Either way, they enjoy it. Here is a picture of Bossy chowing down on an ear. Her jaws are blurry because they are moving to fast for the camera.

Of course, that reminds me of a few photos I took of Annie eating an apple.....

Of course, not EVERYONE is thrilled to have an ear of corn tossed at them....

I found a group of 'teenage' chickens out behind the barn the other day. They haven't seen much whole kernel corn in their lives, much less corn on the cob. They didn't QUITE know what to do with it. They also were.....well....."chicken" to go anywhere near it for a bit.

It was funny to watch them talk it over, then decide who would be the "brave" one and go investigate.

I'm just glad they figured it out......


  1. Shame on you, scaring the poor chickens.
    Sounds like you guys have fun on your farm.
    We might try to get up to see it someday, no promises, but maybe.
    I would like to see the old truck you mentioned the other day.

  2. Looks like you guys have fun on your farm, sure hope we can get up to see you and it someday.
    Would like to see the old truck you mentioned the other day.


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