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Thursday, December 25, 2008

A "Whatzit"....

I had to go to town yesterday, and came back with this:

Here is a top view:

Here is a shot of the inside. I just poked my camera through the bottom hole and snapped it. The rectangle hole on the inside corresponds with the big plate on the side of the thing. It is also the thick part of the top view photo. There is a ring around the outside of it, under the galvanized sheet metal. I ASSUME that this ring is hollow. It is about 2" thick on the outside.

I'd imagine that it was some sort of "heat exchanger" for a boiler system, but don't know for sure.

I'd like to turn it into a wood stove. I think I could build a cover for the bottom hole (where the cat is...), and an air valve.

Then, weld in a 6" or 8" pipe through the big cover on the side for a chimney and damper. I'm not sure but, there is a small opening on the opposite side from the large plate. That MIGHT be able to be used as a chimney, if the air passage is all the way through. I could cut the top off, and slide a grate down through and use the top to add wood. Some of the smoke would circulate around the outer ring before it exited through the chimney.
The whole unit stands about 41/2 feet tall, and the center is about 12" around. The whole thing is about 30" around at the top.

Anyone know what it is?
Any ideas as to the best way to convert it?

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