Monday, January 26, 2009

Playground in a Box....

I went to town today and came home with a few old tires.

These will come in handy in my "Goat Playground". I have some old concrete culvert sections, and some other things but, I wanted a few tires out there, too.
I used to have a couple tires behind the barn, and the goats couldn't leave them alone. Now, they'll get to play on them permanent.

I know that Deb's dad has a few in his barn yard - for various reasons - and the goats love them.

Click Here to see some of his goats lounging in the tires.

Another nice advantage of tires - they heat up better/faster then the ground or surrounding air when the sun hits them. It makes for a nice, comfy warm spot to snooze on a cool afternoon.

I also use some to hold feed or water buckets year round when I have a goat, or two, that needs to be separated. A car or truck tire is just the right size to hold a 5 gallon bucket, and keep it from being tipped over.

Larger tires work excellent for feed bunks, and other uses.

I still need to unload them from the pickup but, the goats have already seen them.

I don't know HOW they know what they're for, I just think they see something coming down the driveway in my pickup, and ASSUME it's for them.

I also know of someone who has a few large chunks of concrete that he is getting rid of. I might be able to get my paws on a few of them so I can build another playground in a different pasture.

Hey, I'm just doing my part to keep property values low, so taxes aren't so high....

At any rate, the new kids will have something to play on.

And the adults can play "Queen of the Tires".....

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