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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

ARRR! Matey!

This is one of our Ameracauna Roosters - we'll call him "Captain Bligh" - the names have been changed to protect the guilty....

At any rate - "Captain Bligh" is missing the lower half of one leg. I don't know what happened for sure but, I do know that he - and his cohorts - like to hang out in front of the walk in door on the south side of the barn. It is usually about 20° warmer there because of the barn tin and the concrete sidewalk.

There have been a few times where I have opened the door from the inside, and ran into a chicken with his leg caught under the door.

While, I'm not SURE the good Captain fell "afowl" of the door, I can take a guess that he did. I have seen him hanging out there several times.

He seems to hop around ok, and gets enough to eat. He spends his days watching the others scratching around, but is doesn't seem to bother him.

My "burning" question is:

Should I BBQ him, or his he a good candidate for a peg leg (maybe a Long John Silver's Peg Leg......)? Do I need to teach him how to walk again - or is his goose cooked?

Can I save him, or is it time to "Wark the Plank"? I don't know about the "drawn" part, but I sure can "quarter" him.....

Ok, I'll stop....

I just figured I'd ask before I caused a mutiny, or something, in the hen house.....

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