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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Nicest Day of The Year (so Far)...

It was close to 70° here in SE Nebraska, today! In addition, the winds were light to almost calm. It was actually shirt sleeve weather.

Tomorrow is supposed to be not so nice - 45°, with rain and snow....

So I decided that I would move a few bales of hay from my neighbor's shed, to my barn. Nothing spectacular - just 30 bales. It took most of the morning to do, though.
I made two loads with the pickup. When the first load was backed into the barn, the cats were on it almost before it stopped. They had to crawl all over, under, and through it to see what the new stuff was.

Here is Snaggle coming out of one of the holes under the bales. She dove right into it almost as soon as she got up there.

I tried to tell them what curiosity does to cats, but they NEVER listen.
Now Snaggle has to inspect the other side of the load to see what's in THAT hole.

I guess that Snaggle didn't do a good enough job of "Hole Inspection". Either that, or she didn't tell Tractor Buddy anything about what she found in there. At any rate, Tractor Buddy had to go see for herself:

After they decided the fun was over, they climbed on top to relax. It was ALMOST a shame to roust them, but I had to get the hay off the truck. It took awhile, so they got comfortable and watched. At least they COULD have helped, instead of laying there basking.

It was so nice this afternoon, that Deb and I went over to where our new (to us) Corn Crib is, so we could take a few photos. It was almost HOT out as we were walking about.

When we got home, I hooked the tractor to the manure spreader, and backed it into the barn. It didn't take much and the spreader was loaded, so I headed out to the hay field with it. When I got there, I found that the arm that engages the belly slat chain had dropped down and the chain had been moving the load back as I was travelling.

The rotors on the rear of the spreader were NOT turning, however.....

This all caused a huge pileup just in front of the rotors, effectively jamming them from turning. I usually make SURE this doesn't happen. I've never done it before but, I have seen other people have it happen - it's NOT fun.

I ended up getting a pitch fork and pulling the "stuff" back toward the front of the spreader until the rotors would spin. It didn't take long but, it was not fun.
Luckily, I hadn't gone real far like that - I remember hitting the hole that probably knocked the handle lose and allowed it to drop down, and I stopped about 75' later.. I'm just lucky it wasn't compacted SUPER tight.

I just got in a hurry because it was getting late and I wanted it done before February gets here again, tomorrow....

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