Saturday, February 7, 2009

Who Woulda Thunk?

I've seen dogs wearing maxi-pads, goats wearing diapers, sheep with hernia belts, chickens with "saddles", etc.....

But I NEVER would have guessed that chickens use toilet paper!

I found out otherwise this morning. I was out by the barn, getting ready to get to work on a couple things, when I spotted this hen.

She was walking around with this stream of TP stuck to her "shoe".

I could tell that the other hens were embarrassed for her. It's not a real popular thing to have happen to you. Nobody seemed willing to actually TELL her about it, though.

I finally had to let her know that everyone was laughing at her. At first, she thought I was trying to hurt her, but she soon realized what the ruckus was about.

I doubt she even thanked me for removing it (didn't hear it if she did). She just ran under the truck to hide her embarrassment....

I guess you learn something new everyday....

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