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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Up On A Rooftop...Click, Click, Click......

Well - it sure WASN'T good ol' Saint Nick....

I was in the barn last Sunday afternoon, when I heard an odd sound. Something that I'd not heard before. It was kind of a click, scrape, click, scrape, click....and it was MOVING!

Aliens? Probably not - although my barn IS a local "talking point", so MAYBE they wanted to see what all the "hub bub" was about....Hmmmmmmm

Loose tin? Naw. The wind WAS blowing at about 30 MPH, but the sound wasn't standing still.

Cat? Well - it was in the 60's out, so I SUPPOSE the old "cat on a hot tin roof" thing MIGHT have been plausible.......

But none of the above REALLY fit....

It HAD to be the ONE thing that had been deemed 'impossible' - although, nobody that I know ever really gave it much thought.

It was a.....CHICKEN.

Sure, our "normal" bunch can fly but, they RARELY get more the 3-4 feet off of the ground - on a GOOD day - and usually stay to low-lying, "nap of the Earth" type of routes. None of them have ever been even CLOSE to getting on the barn roof before. It's only 8' at the sides, and 16' to the peak, but it has been out of their range - until now.

Last week, I brought home 11 new chickens, several of which are Black Sumatra Cross birds. While they are mostly an "ornamental" breed, they are also a 'fair' laying bird. They look like a Crow when they are little, but develop into a shiny black bird with a long plume tail.

I knew that it HAD to be one of the new guys on the roof and, sure enough, it was. I managed to get a couple photos, before he got back to earth. They aren't real good, but I was in a hurry, before he "got away".

I have since found out that this breed likes high places. This one was just out for a stroll, and decided to see what was up there.

Our 5 little monsters are growing good now. They still think they should eat at least every half hour.

They are SORELY disappointed.....

We also found out why the little Nubian boy is such a "ham". The lady we got him from works at a "large national pet food/supply store" as a groomer. She took him to work with her when he was a couple of days old. All the girls at work, and customers, gave him lots of attention and spoiled him all day. He HAS to be the center of attention when ever we go out there - and he KNOWS where the camera is.

As for the three little Alpine boys --

Their days are numbered. In the next 2-3 days, I will need to "band" them, and turn them into wethers.

I told Deb that I was going to name them "Dime, Quarter, and Fifty-cent Piece".

When she asked me why, I told her -

"Because....they ain't gonna be a Buck....."

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