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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Busy Making Mods...

A few years ago, I bought a set of "Omaha Standard" Oak stock racks at a farm sale for 50¢. They were in really good shape but came off of a Chevy pickup. I never knew why nobody else bid on them.

I had to do some modifications in order to get them to fit onto my 1979 Ford F-150 (I THOUGHT I was going to use them on it, at the time....). Mostly, this involved moving the stakes. It wasn't long before I modified them again. This time to fit my 1997 F-150. I had to narrow the front cap about 3', and some other minor things.

In the Fall of 2007, I sold the 97 and bought a 2003 short bed F-150. It was time to get out the saw, and modify them AGAIN! This time, I also got rid of the annoying rear door that never did slide right. I replaced it with a section of combination cattle panel. It works MUCH better...

Now, I find that I need to modify them yet again! I need to haul adult goats, dogs, chickens, and bottle babies at the same time, not to mention assorted "odds-n-ends" to go with them.

I also needed to be able to do this without adding a lot of weight, and make it easy to "disassemble". Either that, or go all out and just build a "slide in camper with several apartments".

I decided to go with the "easy to disassemble"....

I built a divider to go across between the wheel wells, so I could put bottle babies behind it. Then, I divided THAT space into a 60/40 area so the dog and pup could ride there. I added a small shelf 24" off of the floor over the bottle babies, so I could put in chicken cages. The whole back 2/3 of the bed is where the adult goats will ride.

I "topped" it all off (pun intended) with a nice "roof" that will keep everyone inside. It's mesh, so it will let plenty of air and sunlight in, but will prevent "escapes". It would be easy to add a tarp in case of rain.

I still have a few "finishing touches" but, as a whole, it's pretty close to being done. It's only taken me most of 3 days...Eventually, I want to get some brackets and bolts to fasten it on with but, for now, it will just have to be wired.

What's a Hillbilly to do?

I'm thinking of tying an old rocking chair to the top, just to irritate people!

I still remember the stock racks we used the first time we hauled goats back from Missouri.
Here is a link to that story:


Hey, you use what ya gots.....

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