Thursday, May 7, 2009

LGD - (LITTLE Guard Dog)....

We travelled down south to Kansas yesterday (Wednesday), to pick up another LGD (adult). Little did we know, we'd come home with TWO....

The same lady we got Yani from had another female she needed to have leave, so we decided that we'd go get her. When we got down there, Deb saw that she had 4 or 5 puppies there, too.

Deb is a sucker for a furry face...(that's why I wear a beard...), so she latched onto one of the pups. He was a cute little guy, mostly white, with a black face. Just by the way he acted while we were there, told us a lot about his disposition.

Deb was carrying the poor guy in her arms for awhile while we were talking to the lady. When it came time to go, Deb told the little guy to say goodbye to his momma (the adult dog we were taking was his mother), and started to put him down.

The lady hated to see a grown woman cry, so she said, "Just go ahead and take him".

Deb was amazed, shocked and happy at the same time! She asked her "REALLY?". "Yup - go ahead..."

Of course, the first thing she did once we got into the car was to call her brother, Mark (who also wants one), and rub it in that we got him.....and for FREE!

When we got home, we let the mom out to greet Yani and the goats, and put the pup into the small pen with the 11 young kids we have. They didn't take long to warm up to him, and HE knew what to do. For an 8 week old pup, he sure showed his instincts around goats. He would follow them around, and watch them from a few feet away, just like an older dog.

Checking Them, While They're Checking Me...

When it came time for food, he let the kids know that it was HIS food, and they should stay away. He'd bark in his best "tough guy" bark, and toss his head at them. He got his message through, without snapping - like he is supposed to.

This evening, we let him get out of his pen, and go in with his mom to see if he could get her and Yani to play with him. He latched onto mom's tail and wrestled with it for a bit, but it was getting late, and we had to put everyone to bed.

He looks like he will be a great LGD when he gets older.

He's already a camera ham...

Aw...Ya Got ME....

You can go HERE to see more photos....

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  1. That pup looks like he is going to be a good guard dog. He is sure cute.

    Kathy T


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