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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Short Changed...

This evening, I was out getting everyone settled in for the night. I usually tend to the goats first (they riot if the milkers don't get hay at night...), then do the chickens and feed the dogs last.

I got all the nannies into their private quarters - and the two dejected little boys into their room by themselves. They aren't real HAPPY with spending nights away from mom, but seem to be getting used to it. At least they aren't crying and carrying on like they were the first couple of nights.

In the mornings, however, they let me know that I'm taking ENTIRELY too much time milking their moms....

Everyone was tucked in, so I headed for the chicken house. I found the hen with her chicks in the corner of the brooder house, with all seven babies tucked under her wings. The other hen with 5 newborns (last night) was still in her nest, so she couldn't go far. I closed everything up and went to collect eggs.

Now, these hens get all kinds of food - beef fat, corn, layer pellets, garden scraps, whey when we make cheese (twice a week), dried bread, and other assorted things. They even get to go scrounge around after the goats and get what they drop.

And this is how they repay me....

Short Changed

Eight And A Quarter Eggs...

SOMEBODY evidently thought it would be humorous to short change me on an egg!

I closed up the chicken door, then proceeded to see if anybody would own up to it.

I stepped inside the coop and asked for their undivided attention. Most were sitting on the roosts facing me, but some had the gall to turn their backs and face the wall.

I figured one of those was the likely suspect....

As I passed the tiny egg under beak after beak, nobody uttered a word (at least, not a word in English....). The only one who got extremely nervous was one of the young Roosters.

I decided that he was probably NOT the culprit...
(Though he MIGHT know who did do it.....)

At any rate, I got nowhere with direct interrogation.

So, it looks like I'll have a "diet" omelet for breakfast.

Either that, or I could dye it blue and confuse one of the Robins we have outside....

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