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Monday, June 1, 2009

We SHOULD Be Done....

A little after noon today, I checked on things in the barn. I had let the last remaining pregnant doe outside for the day but figured to keep an eye on her. I wanted to take a Nubian buck to the auction - which would take a good chunk of the afternoon - so I decided to put Annie (the doe....) back into her stall. I noticed a small amount of "discharge" from her, so knew it was getting close.

I hurried to the Auction House and back - still nothing. She was up, begging for food, like normal (they ALWAYS are....). I had noticed earlier that she was having a time of it laying down and getting back up from the ground.

She reminded me of an 80 year old woman with arthritis.....

I had a few things to do, and rain was heading our way, so I got them done and headed for the house at 4:45. I stopped by the barn to check on her beforehand - and she was still in her stall by herself.

Since the storm clouds were getting closer - and I'll melt in the rain - I decided to go milk early. I headed to the barn at 5:08....

As soon as I got inside the barn, I heard Annie making those odd little "worried" sounds that goat mom's always make to get their kid's attention. I knew before I got to her stall what I'd find.

Another Boer/KInder

He (yes HE...) was still VERY wet, and mom was cleaning him off. He looks like his dad, although he has white ears and non Boer-like colors on his face. He's also a little bigger then his "cousin" born on Saturday.

His chin is half white/half black, and he has a black nose.





Wattles are that odd fold of skin hanging from a goat's neck. Not all breeds have them - Boers do not - so it is neat when a Boer cross has them.

These are not the best photos, but will have to do until Deb can get out there and take better ones.

We were hoping for a couple of girls but, at least there will be the WONDERFUL Kinder milk to be had!

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