Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fishing For Goats....

It's the latest sporting craze (or is that crazy....?) to hit these parts.

Ok - to hit this hillbilly farm.

No license, no game stamps, no boats, no game wardens, just pure fun.

First off, to catch those unsuspecting "big ones" you have to be just as crafty and wiley as your intended targets. I like to use a new kind of "fishing" pole that is perfect for this type of adventure. It's lightweight, cheap, not really durable, and actually not very long. Don't worry, though, most goats are caught close to "shore".

The best thing about this newfangled fishing pole is -- it's EDIBLE. there's no mess involved with trying to bait it, and NO HOOKS!

Of course, this makes it not very reusable, too, so you need to bring along several.

Once you get all set up in a nice comfortable spot, then all you do is hold your pole out over the "water".

It won't be long (usually a matter of seconds....) before that trophy sized "fish" is reaching up to take the bait.

If you look close, you can just see the jaws of one closing around the pole.

Sometimes, you might get lucky and be able to reel in even THREE at a time:

More often then not, though, they steal your bait. They enjoy it, too. I've gone through a couple pickup loads of poles, and they always seem to get away.
Oh well, I DO have fun trying.....

One last thing though - if you do decide to take part in this sport - just remember: As in any type of fishing, sometimes you latch on to one who's just too small, and you have to toss them back....

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