Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gettin' The Crib - Part Two

For those of you following along at home - and you know who you are - we last left this saga yesterday afternoon, with the top half of the corn crib sitting on my neighbor's trailer - with his pickup still attached, and the whole thing waiting to be unloaded behind my chicken house.

At least we got it home....

This morning, we pick up the story right where we left off - the spot of ground where the crib is to go needed leveling.

At 0755 this morning, my neighbor is coming down my driveway in his Bobcat to level the ground for me. It didn't need TONS of leveling, but the ground sloped about a foot in the area. Level isn't super-critical for this project, but it's nice to get it close.

As soon as Frankie began digging, the "Inspectors" started showing up.

It Draws Them In

Of course, as soon as one inspector shows up, pretty soon you have more.

Starting To Get Crowded

As with ANY construction job, there are "hoops" to jump through, procedures to follow, and inspectors to be hassled by. Pretty soon, you find out that there are more inspectors then workers. They have a way of knit-pecking their way around the entire project - and doing nothing but getting in the way


That's when accidents happen. Somebody gets caught up in their work, and isn't paying attention and, first thing you know, they're running for their life - and wanting to blame it on the equipment operator.


Despite the best efforts of the inspectors to delay the project, we managed to finish the leveling, and position the crib where it belongs.


As you can see, they weren't exactly happy about it. That's the thing with inspectors, they ALWAYS tend to grumble about SOMETHING...

At any rate, the crib is now where I want it. We had everything done and his equipment was on it's way home by 9:00. It will need a bit of "tweaking", but it's at least THERE. For reference, the lip of the roof is about even with my jaw - and I'm 6'7"......


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