Sunday, September 20, 2009

DONE For The Year...

Here is a photo of my hayfield as it sits this afternoon. I'll need to do a bit of "maintenance" this winter, but it is ready to sleep until spring.

Waiting For Next Year

This afternoon, I finished cleaning up the Haybine and the baler, and getting them ready for winter storage. The baler gets to sleep in the barn, but the haybine has to live outside. I cover the "important" parts with a tarp or other covers. It can stand the weather better then a baler can, though.

Put Away

All Cleaned Up

Since it's job is also done for the year, my Bale Basket looks a bit lonely and forgotten. I finished mowing where I store it, so tomorrow I will move it to where it "winters over". I just think it's a little sad that it doesn't have anything to do until next summer.


Then, of course, there is the nice stack of fresh hay that I have in the barn.


I'm starting the year out with more then I had last year, so I should be ok. The two cows we have will eat about as much as the goats combined, but I think there is enough to hold everyone over until late April. Most of it is really fine stemmed that the goats really like, but I will have a few bales of coarser "Brome" and others. I tell the finicky ones that - no matter what, it ALL tastes good in January....

While I was working with equipment today, the dairy goats kept an eye on me. Even when they took their (several) siestas, they were watching me work. It's nothing PERSONAL....

They're just keeping track in case I bring food...

I've always been mystified by how goats (and cows, for that matter) can have the SAME thing to eat on their side of the fence, but INSIST on sticking their head through to eat what is on the other side.

Good Thing I Don't Have Horns...

It's a good thing she doesn't have horns, she might have been there awhile. It also looks like she has a big "wad" of chewin' tobacco in her jaw.

She's already figured out how to spit chunks of corn cob at me during milking - I'd hate to see what she comes up with next....

Of course, some of them decide that instead of going THROUGH the fence, they'll just take the easy way and go OVER it. I like this option better if they decide to go over a GATE - it's easier on the fence that way.

I'll bet that they are REALLY thankful that I planted these weeds right next to the gate, so they could reach them. It's amazing - they can be STANDING in a weed patch, and stretch over the gate for all they're worth to get at the same kind of weed.

It's Always Better...

I mentioned this to Sapphire, and I got a dirty look as if to say, "HEY, I'm eatin' WEEDS, ain't I? Who CARES what side the fence they're on!"

Quit Complainin'

GEEZ! I can't win, for loosing!

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