Tuesday, September 1, 2009

George Of The Jungle

Or maybe that should be - Tarzan, Lord of the Goats....?

I had to go over to the neighbor's house this afternoon to cut some pipe. On the way back, I was listening to the radio, and thinking about what I had to do to finish the project that I am working on.

All of a sudden, I catch a flash of white out of the corner of my eye.

This is nothing new - I'm ALWAYS seeing things......

Anyhoo, I instantly thought that it was a goat. Trouble was, the white spot appeared to be in a tree, not on the ground. I hit the brakes, shoved the truck into reverse, and backed up the driveway to where I could get a better look.

Sure enough, it WAS a goat - and he WAS up in a tree!

What The.....?

I THOUGHT I had cut down all the "fun" trees like this one before I let the goats out into this area.

Apparently, I missed one....

This old Willow tree is on a bit of a deceiving slope. If you go down and stand under it, it is pretty high off of the ground. Mr Trapeze Artist has his feet about 12 feet off of the ground - and he's working without a net.

Air Goat

It's amazing, with all the good things on the ground to eat, this little adventurer decides he has to climb a tree to get at some tasty leaves.

Just when I thought he had come to his senses, he decided that he wanted to go HIGHER! It was a good thing that the branches higher up were small, and wouldn't hold him. If they had been big enough to support his weight, I'm POSITIVE he would have climbed up.

I Want To Go HIGHER....

Of course UP isn't a problem, DOWN, would have been...

I called Deb so she could bring her fancy camera - and we both hoped he'd stay where he was until she got there.

Unfortunately, the other goats saw her walking down the driveway, and started to bawl - thus, our little Spiderman, turned around and headed back down before she got there to take really good photos. I guess these will have to do.

I'm just glad he headed down the way he came, and not off the "deep" end...


  1. I agree, what great pictures--even without the fancy camera! My goats were constantly getting up high--on the chicken house roof. I worried about them, because it was s tin roof, but no one ever got hurt. and I eventually relocated the wire spool that they used to jump from to get to the roof!


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