Wednesday, October 7, 2009

'Twas A Long Trip....

Early this morning, we got up and got things finished around here so we could head north on a very important trip.

Today was the day Mabel was coming to live with us.

Three or four years ago (already), I helped a lady clean up her farmstead. In return, she gave me all kinds of things she wanted to get rid of - including a "one-horse trailer".

Before today, we've used it ONCE.....

Today, we were GLAD to have had it to use.

I hooked everything up last evening, loaded extra spare tires into the truck, checked the lights, and got everything ready to roll. This morning, after chores, we headed out of the driveway at a little past 7:30.

Our destination - Ponca, Nebraska - 200 miles north. Everything ran great - even Omaha had (relatively) light traffic for our trip down I-680. We zipped through town in just a few minutes. Basically, the only thing that slowed us down at all, was a small road construction job, everything else was smooth sailing.

We arrived at the target farm at around 11:30. The first "person" we saw was Mabel. She was standing in a small field with both of her "radar antennae" up, and wondering what was going on. She knew SOMETHING was up - just not WHAT.

After a little shoving and tugging (she does NOT like a halter and lead...), we had her in the horse trailer. There was actually room to spare on each side of her.

The bad thing, she would need to stand pretty much in the same place for the drive home.....

After a few stops (food, photo ops, bathroom, etc), and an otherwise uneventful trip - we arrived back at the Hillbilly Ranch at around 5:00 pm.

Mable was glad to get out of the trailer.....

I'd be glad to get out of that trailer, too - there was about 50 pounds of extra weight on the floor - and that ain't no BULL****, either (it was COW****). I think it was actually dripping out under the back door as we drove......

Come to think about it, I DID see a few people giving us dirty looks as they passed us on the highway......

Oh well....when ya gotta go, ya gotta go....

We got her out of the trailer, then opened a gate to the goat pen. She didn't like the lead, but headed for the open gate. The goats came to "inspect" her, but she - for the most part - ignored them. Amazingly, the smallest goat we have - a runt named "Tiny" got right in her face and fought her for some grain that fell on the ground.

Tiny must be blind - the cow only outweighs him by about 900 pounds.....

She wandered all over the pen, snuffled a goat here and there, looked at a few things, then saw the two calves - Chuck and Belle. They met at the fence and rubbed noses. Mabel then inspected the inside of the barn - and ate a good chunk of the goat's minerals.

Is This REALLY Edible?

Being smart about cows now (after all, they've been around them for over a month) - none of the goats protested.....not even Tiny.

About the only things that "puzzled" her, were a couple of chickens. She'd never seen them before, so she didn't know what they were.

Naturally, the cats came out to see the "newbie". Cats have a short attention span, though. You could see it on their faces - "WHAT THE?...Oh....Cow - what's for supper?"

Maybe they are FINALLY learning what curiosity does to cats...

I wanted to milk Mabel tonight, but she is not comfortable enough with her surroundings or me yet, to let that happen. MAYBE if she were here earlier in the day, she might have relaxed more. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

Where's Supper?

For now, she is happily checking things out, and eating everything she can -

It was a long trip.

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  1. She is beautiful! I loved reading your story about bringing her home. I can't imagine life without my Mona. Family cows are the best!


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