Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wet And Raining...

The past couple of days have been a little on the dreary side....Over the weekend, we were supposed to get up to an inch of snow.

Thankfully, that didn't materialize.

It's been damp, temps in the 30's, and windy for the most part - but no snow - if you don't count the "dusting" we got Saturday morning. There also have been a few flurries, here and there, but nothing major.

Despite the damp conditions, Deb and I decided that we would go for a drive on Monday (12 October) since it was Columbus Day.

We ALWAYS celebrate Columbus Day......

Deb usually makes brownies, or a cake, or something, and we have a special meal to celebrate the Anniversary of Colu....

Wait a sec...


THAT'S why we make such a big to do about October 12th!

Yeah -- NOW I remember!

Well for this year, we decided to take a drive in the country, and stop at a local Amish store. They were just getting started, so they didn't have much, but it was still a nice visit. We bought a few things, talked about cows and horses, then continued on our way.

It was a nice day all around. I even managed to pick up a free load of firewood in the afternoon, and do a few things around the barn.

Today, the weather wasn't much different - even though the morning was dry, it started to rain at about 4:00 pm. Right when I had just started to work on a gate. I guess it will have to wait until tomorrow.

I did manage to finish/modify three other gates I had been working on. I still have about 12 more to go, but it's a start.

This afternoon, I also managed to modify the milk station in the barn. I had gotten it to the point where I needed the cow in order to finish. Most of the "Stanchion Time" since has been devoted to getting Mabel used to the place, and to me.

Tonight, I threw her a curve ball and changed things around.

Up until tonight, Mabel would walk into the milk room, put her head in the stanchion, her front feet on the platform, while her hind feet remained on the floor. It worked well, but it wasn't what I designed things to do. In the days leading up to bringing Mabel home, I made several things that I thought I'd need. Due to not having the cow - or her measurements - I had to "over build' things.

Now that Mabel is here, I attached a few "parts" to the stanchion with clamps, so I could see what needed to be done.

Tonight was the first time Mabel had all fours on the platform:

Milking Time

I had to make a "chute" gate to turn her into the stanchion, but she figured it out nicely. Now I can modify everything down to where it needs to be, and finish it all off.

When I milk her, I don't put all of her food in the pan, I use the brush on her while she eats the first part (this calms her down), then give her more after she's relaxed. Here, she is sticking her tongue out at me because she wants more food:


Yesterday, I got a little too close to her nose while I was talking to her. She was looking at me in an odd way when, all of a sudden, she swipes me with her 40 grit sandpaper tongue! Right across the cheek and glasses!

It's actually shocking that my glasses survived the onslaught...

During our morning milking today, I was calmly watching the bucket, when, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a couple of LARGE drops falling behind Mabel. I INSTANTLY knew what they were, so I quickly grabbed the bucket and held it tight up to her udder - another 1.48926457 seconds of hesitation and the bucket would have been in the middle of "the flood"....

After what seemed like 10 minutes, the flood stopped, and I was able to continue milking.

Now - if she would only give that much MILK....

By the way - Happy 18th Anniversary, Deb!


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  1. HeHe, you are TOOOO funny, like you would forget our anniversary! You are much better at remembering dates than I am! :)

    I love you to!!!


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