Thursday, December 17, 2009

Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On...

Well not a WHOLE lot, but it was "shaking", anyway......

Last night, we were just getting comfy, sitting down in the living room, ready to watch "JAG" on DVD.

You remember JAG? The show that NBC cancelled after ONE season - then CBS picks it up and runs it for another 9?

NBC never was REAL bright......

Anyway, the show is about US Navy lawyers and the trouble they get into trying to get others OUT of trouble (the Navy will do that...). Meanwhile, there are US Marines blowing things up (Marines LOVE to blow stuff up....).

The particular episode we were watching had a "flash back" to Vietnam, and even included a couple of RPG rounds exploding.

Now - we have a sound system that lets us sit in the "middle" of any fancy "war" scenes - making it feel more like "being there". Intermixed with the gunfire and bombs blowing up on the TV, we heard (and FELT) a sound that did not quite fit in - it even shook the house.

Our immediate reaction was a building exploding in the distance. We looked outside, but could see nothing, close nor anywhere in sight. It was dark and cloudy, so a fire would have been visible for miles, even one over the horizon.

Satisfied that it was nothing of that nature, we dismissed it as being (possibly) ice sliding down the roof, and crashing on the ground. The whole affair lasted - maybe - 2 to 3 seconds.

We settled back to watch the two Naval Officers get out of another mess....

Just as we turned the show back on, my cell phone rang. It was a neighbor who asked me what the "shaking" was.

Obviously, it wasn't ice on our roof....

He told me that other people had called him to ask about it. Apparently it was "wide spread". I had been in several earthquakes while stationed in the USMC in California (including a major one that was centered near Palm Springs...), but this didn't strike me as BEING an earthquake.

Of course, the quakes we have in Nebraska are different from the ones in the LA basin. This is actually the SECOND quake we've had near here in the past 4-5 years. This one was a bit stronger, but neither were over 3.5.

We went to bed wondering about it (since there was nothing about it on the news), and got up this morning to find the answers. Here is a story from the Lincoln Journal-Star from this morning. We live 18-20 miles from the epicenter.

Poke Here

I know that this is NOTHING to what quakes are in other parts of the US, but we don't have then very often in Nebraska.

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