Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Strange Bedfellows

That crazy cat is at "it" again!

I've seen some dastardly things coming from her in the past, but THIS takes the cake! Evidently, her plans for 'world domination' are still thriving - and doing rather well. Maybe she thinks this is just the first step of many.

Shadow, for his part, is pretty young and impressionable. He's like a college kid - free to romp around and "feel his oats", but doesn't know a whole lot about how things work, especially when cats are involved.

She's working on him HARD to come over to the Dark Side. Having a head full of mush, he is ripe for the picking.

Ever seen the movie "The Graduate"?

Think of the cat as Mrs. Robinson.....

Tractor Buddy is corrupting my dog.

Here is what I found this morning as I pulled the pickup into the driveway to the barn:

Comfort On A Cold Day

I took this through the windshield in case they took off before I could get a good shot. Trust me, though, they were pretty brazen about things, and gave me PLENTY of opportunity to photograph their affair.

Even AFTER they knew they were being photographed, they continued in their brazenness:

Busted (Again)!

It was only when Pest arrived that Shadow disappeared in a flash:

Miss Innocent

Tractor Buddy tried to act innocent, but her guilt shone through. Pest was SURE that DOG was in the area.

I KNOW That Dog Was Just Here...

Once again, nothing could be PROVEN.

Although, I'm of a mind to make sure Pest and the other cat secretly get ahold of these incriminating photos....


  1. Oh that is too precious. Talk about strange bedfellows. Shadow is such a dog!


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