Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dog Gone.....

Well - all of the LGD pups we had - that weren't staying here - have left for their new homes! Yani (mom) is sure awful glad she doesn't have to feed them anymore! They were on solid food, but she still had to "supplement" their diet.

The last male fuzzball left this noon. He was the biggest of all the pups, but a real cutie. The woman who came and got him had a young son to help spoil him. It looked like a pretty good match!

The last little girl left yesterday. They came over about 8:30 in the morning and picked her up. She went to a local family that only lives about 7 miles from us. What's more....

They're Hillbillies just like us!

It's always nice to find out there are like minded folks around close by - ones who don't have to keep up with the Jones's, either. They are scroungers like us, and have LOTS of good stuff. We found out they had a few cats extra, so I went over to their place in the afternoon to pick a couple of them up.

I could have stayed and "rummaged" all night!

They are scroungers like us, and have LOTS of good stuff. They live on a road less travelled then we do, but both of us are doing our best to keep property values as low as possible.

Even though I could have found tons of items to use - alas, I only came home with the two cats....

They wanted to know if we could help them butcher some chickens later on, though.
I got NO PROBLEM with "Axing" a few chickens to dinner - as long as I get the gizzards.

I'd do all kinds of things for fresh gizzards...

Heck, I'd even volunteer Deb's hands to pluck for them...Sounds pretty reasonable to me! Deb might think otherwise, though.

Oh well, it was a fun - albeit short - trip, and it's good to know we aren't the only scroungey hillbillies in the area.

Only bad thing is - I ain't seen one hide nor hair of those two cats since I turned them loose in the barn last night......


  1. I seem to recall saying I wasn't going to pluck...HATE that smell...wet feathers, YUCK! LOL Skinning them is the only way to go, saves time later anyway. Better think of another job for about photographer? *giggle* Ok I know, don't need to many photos of that.

  2. Butchering chickens is one of my least favorite jobs! I agree that skinning is the way to go. Last time we killed chickens, I scheduled it on a day my brother was visiting so that he could help! ;-)

  3. I will kill them but I hate plucking them and agree with Deb on the smell. They really stink, much more so than turkeys.


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