Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It Was Bound To Happen

Sooner, or later, if you mix goats with a goofball LGD, things just naturally take place. Not that goats are necessarily a "bad" influence but, when the dog is a little on the "impressionable" side, you just never know what can happen.

Awhile back, I took a photo of one of the goats - Carmel - curled up nice and comfy in one of the in-side-out pickup tires I have for hay feeders. They get nice and toasty, even on an overcast day. The goats will climb inside, curl up and nap for hours in one.

Well - this afternoon, I went out to the barn to check on things. Instead of going out the door to where the goats are, I used the door to the "cow" pen. One of the first things I saw was a tire feeder with a white "puff" inside. Knowing that I have a couple of Does getting close to kidding, the thought crossed my mind that it was a couple of Boer Babies.

This Is What Happens

I SHOULD have known better.

I thought to myself, "Naw, that CAN'T be who I THINK it is!" So, I opened the gate to the barnyard where the tire lay, and crept closer, camera at the ready. I figured that it was only a matter of time before Mister Light Sleeper would wake up and hop out of his comfy little bed, so I snapped photos as I inched forward, just in case he was dozing heavily this time.

All Curled Up

There is just "something" about a dog, all curled up, that I can't resist. My guess was, since he'd worked the "night shift" last night, he was catching up on his "beauty sleep" in the afternoon.

They do a LOT of snoozing during the day, so they can be awake all night to chase goblins.

At any rate, I managed to get one final photograph before he heard the camera click, and woke up enough to give me a dirty look, after which, he went back to his snoozing.

He Looks SOOO Comfy

I wished I had a little Teddy Bear to toss in there with him - he looked SOOO comfy.
The big, bad, Guard Dog, curled up with a stuffed bear - now THAT would have been a picture....

As it was, seeing him curled up inside a 17" tire off a pickup, was good enough.

I almost felt bad for him when Lady and Hobo (the two pups we kept) saw me and came running. Instead of running to me, they pounced on their dad instead, ending his nap.

I almost felt bad.....


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  1. I love how often you have your camera at the ready. And you take good pictures! On other matters, do you read Holly at http://easylivingthehardway.blogspot.com

    She's a female you. I just left her comment saying you and she could run the world given your frugality and creativity.


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