Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ok, I'm Starting To Shake Now.....

The other day, a buddy of mine stopped by. He's a Ford fan, but he is REALLY into IH. He's like me, not a big fan of JD (not bashing JD, just not for me). Anyhoo, during the conversation, I pipe in and say "I only got ONE thing that's John Deere - my old, beat up shredder...".

This old thing was sold to me CHEAP because it was "on it's last legs" according to where I got it. The only thing wrong with it was a bad oil seal and the clutch was shot. I replaced the clutch with a shear pin set-up, filled the gearbox with grease instead of oil, and it's been tearing up grass and weeds for about 8 years since.

As it turns out, I probably should have never said a word about not having John Deere stuff.

My wife chimes in and says "What about that planter?" Oh yeah - I forgot about the 2-row JD Lister....We picked it up from a "divorce sale" a few years back, for $7. Give me a break on that one, I only see it once a year. It does a great job, and I'm glad I got it, popcorn tin lids and all.

Just when I THOUGHT it was safe to change the subject, my buddy pops up with "And that PLOW?"

OK, I forgot about the plow HE gave me....I haven't actually USED it yet, so it doesn't count. Besides, all of the paint has worn off, so I can't tell it's Johnny unless I get close enough to read the writing cast into the arms.

Now, I realize that I'm in serious trouble, so PLAN on keeping my mouth shut. Unfortunately, my mouth wasn't listening. I COULD have just let it go, and we'd have been on to a different conversation, but NOOOO, I had to chime in again.....

"Well, I guess that Manure Spreader I rebuilt a few years back is a Greenie....."
(And the other "parts" spreader just like it that sits behind the shed...). I was getting in deeper and deeper.

As I scanned the horizon and my farmstead, I was hoping against hope that there would be NO MORE John Deere equipment to be found - then, it hit me. There on top of the hill was another item - practically GLOWING green. I gulped, cleared my throat, and said "Then there's that grain wagon....", my voice trailed off, "guess I better count that".

It was about time I wised up, so I managed to change the subject. I dunno what to, maybe the weather, price of gas, etc, etc. It didn't really matter, as long as it wasn't about green paint.

Since that afternoon, as I've been working around the place, I've run across even MORE green stuff. One I only count as HALF John Deere, my Letz grinder, because JD bought the company.

I DID manage to get rid of the old JD STX38 lawn tractor I had. It didn't even scare the grass, the lawn just laughed when it saw it heading it's direction. Ah well, it was cheap...

I need rehab or something - maybe better meds, I dunno. I'm just here to confess and admit to the shame I feel.....

God help me, I've become my worst nightmare....


  1. ROFL Yep I'm about ready to ask for a divorce, with all that darn green junk you keep bringing home! Ok, maybe I won't go THAT far, after all except for that you are perfect for me! *big grin*

    ...Besides it WAS cheap, so I guess I can't complain to much. :)

  2. I have GOT to get you a John Deere toilet cover for Christman, oh and a John deere hat.

    Crane Man

  3. Ok, but don't get mad if I "accidently" forget, and leave the lid down....LOL!


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