Saturday, June 5, 2010

Must Have Been Hot

Even though the calendar says "Spring", the thermometer says SUMMER. Not only are the temps in the 90's, but the humidity is up there, too. I start to sweat just THINKING about how hot it is out there!

Good old Mabel came in the other morning, wearing black "boots" that were still dripping wet. I figured she was down across the creek, for a morning stroll. I cleaned her up, and went on about my morning chores. It wasn't until later that I found out what she was REALLY up to.

Cooling Her Heels

I was over by the goats when I heard splashing and moo'ing. I wasn't sure what was going on, so I went to investigate, and found the goofy bovine standing in the knee deep water.

I had passed by the spot where she was standing about 10 minutes before and the water was nice and clear - not a muddy mess it now was. Mabel saw me coming, and the splashing stopped. We stood and blinked at each other for about another 10 minutes before I won the contest - Mabel started splashing again.

It was more of a "dance" then anything else, but it brought to mind visions of the elephants in the Serengeti - filling their trunks, then spraying their hides with the - now snot filled - water.

Of course, poor Mabel not only doesn't have a tail, she wasn't born with a trunk, either. About all she could do was to soak a bit, then dance a little jig in the water. Sort of a bovine version of "Splashdance" - albeit, without the chair.....

Come to think of it, it might not be such a bad idea....

Cool down a few degrees in the water, stand in the shade, and get a mudpack massage between your toes - all at the same time. I know SHE had a good time of it. She stayed in the pool for about an hour before she decided that she had had enough.

Out For A Swim

This morning, her boots were wet - again. It's only getting down to about 75° the last couple nights, so she must go for an early morning "cool down" before breakfast.

Daisy, on the other hand, must not like mud oozing between her toes. She goes to the "narrow" end of the creek, then hops over. She has more "dainty" (as cows go) feet then Mabel, so she must want to keep her nails clean. Besides, while Mabel is cooling her heels, Daisy gets the pasture to herself.

Daisy, The Nonswimer....

Oh well, if you can't drink it all, you might as well play in it. I'm just glad cows don't need a swimsuit.


  1. Been hot here too and my calves like to play with the water hose as I am filling up their trough! They get me all wet with ther splashing! ;-)

  2. Got to rent or borrow a backhoe and dig all the critters a pond or just break down and buy e'm a pool.
    Maybe they'll let you swim too ? LOL

    Crane Man

  3. Mine doesn't have a running water to stand in so he's gone to standing in his water dish. Ugh, what a pain and it isn't even hot yet.

  4. I am SO glad to see Mabel so happy. I worried about where she'd end up!


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