Saturday, July 24, 2010


Like I said in the last post, I drove over to a neighbor's house the other day to drill a couple of post holes for him so he could shore up his shed. He had a nice pile of scrap metal and a couple of garage doors waiting for me to get out of his way.

So, yesterday, I took the pickup over to see what I could get into it.

One of the main things I was after was an old LARGE hose reel cart. It is the kind that you can roll up a couple hundred feet of hose on. The best part is - it's on wheels.

Hose Cart 2

It measures close to 18" wide, and 22" between the handle and the foot. I'll need to modify it a bit to make it easier to use, but the base unit is there. I plan on bending the handle back so it clears my big feet easier, then MAYBE add a couple 20" bicycle tires. on the back, and - if needed, turn the front ones into "casters" so it can maneuver in tight places.

All it has to do is help carry the milk machine back and forth from the house and barn. The pump and motor will stay in the barn.

HOPEFULLY, the majority of the milker parts will be here by the middle of next week. THAT'S when I get to have fun putting everything together and getting it to work. Scrounging the parts is fun, but getting to with what I drag home - THAT'S where the fun is!

It seems like, just when we think we have hit a wall, and can't find a part or something, God makes a phone call to a friend (or someone we don't even KNOW....) and tells them what we're needing.

Now, if HE'd call the Weather Bureau, and tell them to hold the rain for about 2 weeks, then people could get some haying done!

The new calf is doing great. He gets out every morning with his mom and Mabel to graze in the yard, so he gets plenty of excersise.

He's not REAL happy though - I put a halter on him yesterday, and he does NOT like it! It's a little big for him, but I'm sure he'll grow into it.

Tomorrow, he's gonna be even more unhappy - we are putting dehorning paste on him, and he has to stay by himself for at least 6 hours so nobody else licks the paste off his head.

Then comes the day this week when we band him.....

All-in-all, it's not looking like a great week for him.

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