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Thursday, July 8, 2010


A few years back - somewhere close to 20 - our family held a "Family Reunion". Not much drama there, but it was an interesting time.

I recall a certain cousin arriving just a tad bit late. He parked his car along the nice wide street next to the park, walked down the hill, an proceeded to "mingle". Naturally, his "fashionably lateness" coincided with lunchtime, so he got in line and filled his plate with all kinds of potluck foods everyone had brought.

During the course of conversation, the "older" generation started asking him questions like - "Where you living now?", "What's your dad up to?", and even "How's your sister?". All were answered in due course, and the cousin was settling in, and having a pretty good time.

Somewhere - about a half hour after lunch, he began to realize that he didn't know anyone in attendance, and was anxiously awaiting the arrival of someone (anyone) he knew. Then it dawned on him....

He was at the WRONG family reunion.....

OUR family reunion was at a church rec center - not the city park where he was at. When folks in his "adoptive" family found out he was at the wrong reunion, they graciously handed him more food, and told him he could join their family if he wanted.

He profusely apologized, and thanked them, then got in his car and headed off to find his real kin.

Now, back when I was in grade school, my siblings and I attended a "one room, country school house". It was a little over a mile and a quarter from our house (as the crow flies), and it was the same school where our Grandpa and Dad attended. Unfortunately, after we moved to a different farm, it was closed for lack of students.

Years later, it was moved to town - I always tell people that, after I left, they HAD to make a museum out of the place.

Anyway, after that, I attended a DIFFERENT country school for a few years, until we moved to town, where I "partook" in "city" edumacation, for exactly TWO years - 6th and 7th grade, then it was off to a big city to finish my junior/senior High School experience.

This year will be the 30th anniversary since graduating from a class of close to 600 people - of which, I know about 20. They are planning a big two day "golf and drunk".....er.....reunion.

This morning, I go to the mailbox and pull out the ONLY thing in there. What do I find but an envelope containing and invitation to my "Class of 1980, High School Reunion".

Only trouble is - it's from the school I never graduated from......

I've set foot inside the door exactly TWICE since 1975 - a graduation of my niece, and a graduation of my nephew.

Now, it's nice and all, them inviting me to join them, but it got me to thinking. I actually took a few minutes to try and come up with who, from the 7th grade, I WOULD have graduated with, five years later.....

I came up with 6.....maybe.....out of around 50.

I just might have to attend to see who I COULD have graduated with....

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