Friday, September 24, 2010

Kids Are Kids....

There are things that kids do, regardless of what species they are. They jump around, break things, stick things in their mouths that they shouldn't, and have their favorite toy - among other things.

I've had goats play "slippery-slide" with a tarp, cats swatting the cow's tail while she eats (resulting in the cow stamping and kicking the milk bucket - which resulted in a flight on "Air Kitty".....), chickens sneaking up behind me, then cut loose with a crow at the top of their lungs...

I've even had a cow get her head caught in a door that swings one way, so she could stretch her neck into the freeze where I keep the "cookies". I purposely made the door swing like that, so it wouldn't swing into the room. I never thought I would NEED to put stops on it, but I guess I do.

It would also help if I remembered to close the lid on the freezer to prevent the "nosey neighbor" from trying to sneak a treat....

The nine cats we have all gather around when I'm milking. I guess they EXPECT handouts. One, the momma cat (Sugar) will go just out of reach and tickle the cow's belly (on purpose) when she gets impatient. This causes the cow to react, and more Air Kitty flights. Then, they all see me get up from milking and crowd around the pan so I can't even dump the milk in.

It doesn't help a cat's complexion when you give them a milk bath - it just makes them wet. It IS, however, nifty to see them cleaning each other off afterword. They all gather round in a pile and have a "lick fest".

We found out the other day, that Peaches is just like a people kid in a lot of ways. awake when she needs to be a sleep, asleep when you want her to be awake, two o'clock feedings (and trips outside), 4 am feedings (and trips outside), etc, etc, etc.

We've also found out she LOVES bubble gum. Not the chewy stuff, but the flavor. After Autumn chowed down on her face, the Doctor gave her some Amoxicillian that is bubble gum flavored - and heavily scented - and Peaches can't get enough of it. I'm sure she wishes it were a bigger dose.

All we need do is open the bottle cap, and her nose starts going a mile a minute. She lunges out for the syringe, and happily takes all we give her.

I'm just waiting for her to learn to blow bubbles.

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  1. nice post... i can just see all the activity and even think i heard that rooster crow...hahaha!!


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