Wednesday, December 15, 2010

An Admission...

Winter is (almost) here by the calender. Since the weather usually never actually FOLLOWS the calender, it has started to turn cold early.

Now, in a "normal" year, this would not be a problem. THIS year, however, it poses a severe medical problem for me - one with no known cure.

I am here to stand up and say - Hi, my name is Scrounger, and I'm a Farmallaholic....

I have a severe case, too - my addiction goes back to childhood. I THOUGHT I had it under control. I hadn't been bothered by it in years. Oh, there was an occasional "flair up", but I was able to control myself (ok LACK OF FUNDS controlled it for me...).

Then IT happened.

A Farmall F-20 showed up in my driveway. It was in pieces, but that didn't matter. It might of actually FUELED me to work on it because it WAS such a daunting task. To make matters worse, it was a later model, one that came from the factory painted (my favorite color) Farmall RED.

Not that I would have turned it down if it were the older "Battleship" Grey IH had used before then - until they found out Red sells better. I'm still on the lookout for an older McCormick-Deering machine I can play with.....I mean WORK on.

The way I see it, if it was grey, then it would help me "ease out" of my addiction, and get back to "normal". So you see, I NEED a grey tractor to help me recover.

This is how "bad" I've become:

Levers and Clamps

Freshly painted parts on the back porch. These are actually dry so I COULD take them out and put them on the shelf beside the rest of them. But then they'd be COLD....and they look so pretty where they are. Besides, I have to protect them from those evil cats.

To make it even WORSE - these are some I painted this morning, hanging from my wife's soap drying rack on the porch (ok, I'm not THAT far gone - I painted them outside, then brought them in to dry....):

Fresh (Wet) Paint

At least I haven't kicked the soap off.....yet.

PLEASE, before I get into real trouble -

Somebody send me a grey tractor before I do something stupid....

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