Friday, December 24, 2010

Dancing With The Steers....

After chores this morning, I took care of a couple things in the barn, then headed inside for breakfast. Everyone outside was happily munching away when I left, and all was peaceful. Things were about to change.

I guess, since it was a - relatively - nice day out, and the 4 inches of forecast snow went somewhere else, the inhabitants of the barnyard decided to celebrate by having a little "fun".

Evidently, the goats drew lots, and Carmel won (or maybe ....lost....) the chance to be on "Dancing With The Steers". Since the only "steer" we have is Stew, he was elected.

I guess I shouldn't have figured that things could run smoothly on their own for the half hour I was gone. Probably the minute I was out of sight, the fun began. At any rate, I was headed back out to the barn when I looked over to see what I THOUGHT was Stew and an unknown goat "duking" it out, I stepped back inside to grab my camera, and continued on out to see what was going on.

When I got to the barnyard, I found that Carmel and Stew were dancing - cheek to cheek, so I snapped a couple photos.

Dancing, Cheek To Cheek...

Everyone else - including Yani, the LGD - were just sitting there, watching the proceedings. It was almost like they were tranquilized - or maybe just enjoying the show.

Meanwhile, the two dancing partners had stopped for a well deserved rest. Stew must have been exhausted, because he was resting his chin on Carmel's head.


It was after a closer inspection that I found the two participants had been "drafted", and hooked together so they HAD to dance.


More than likely, the goats were having "fun" at Stew's expense, and Carmel ended up with the short straw.

I ended the fun by removing Stew's halter (which sent him running and kicking up his heels to the far corner of the barnyard...). Carmel, for her part, went back to her "clan" and received quiet "High Twos" (goat version of "High Five"....), and there were "goat snickers" all around.

The lengths some people will go to, to get cheap entertainment on a boring winter day.

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