Saturday, January 15, 2011

CALPC Strikes AGAIN....

It's a debilitating disease - or more of an ADDICTION, really - that once it strikes, there is no known cure.

CALPC - Cows Are Like Potato Chips (you can't have just one...), strikes thousands of Americans on a yearly basis. Since there is no cure, the only thing to be done with a "victim" is to remove the ability to feed it (the addiction, not the cow....well ok, maybe both) - mainly - let them buy the cow, then they don't have any money left to buy more.

What is needed, is a program for Cowaholics - maybe "CA" - because all of us so afflicted are always wondering where our next cow is, and how we can get it. The only thing standing in the way of many CALPC "sufferers" and their next cow is their bank account. Since most victim's money also suffers from a crippling disease - Financial Aids - most people with CALPC suffer in tense silence - trying to wrangle a way to fund a cow purchase (second mortgage, sell a kid, get rid of the wife's car, shutting off the electricity, etc, etc...).

Unfortunately for most, they are well past this point and need to resort to desperate measures, maybe even renting out the house and living in the barn (with the cows). Lucky for me, my wife is also stricken, but she has a "milder" case then I do. I - so far - have managed to hide it fairly well - even convincing her SHE wanted a cow for her last birthday.

Well, a few weeks ago neither of us could stand it any longer - we had sold our last "beef" cow, and started looking for another Jersey milk cow. We already had Mabel, the one-teated cow who had just given birth, and Daisy, the baby stealing, boss cow. We named Mabel's new baby girl "Clover", and started thinking about adding a new cow.

Yesterday, we made a trip to a dairy not far from here, and "hemmed and hawed" over milk cows (while drooling shamelessly). After much thought, gnashing of cud, and a second mortgage, we brought home a new cow to fondle.

Honeysuckle AKA Honey

We've decided to name her "Honey" - short for "Honeysuckle" (in keeping with "flower" names...). I was really amazed and impressed at how gentle she is and easy to work with. Her surroundings are new, she's not been hand milked before, and I'm pretty strange looking, too.

Honeysuckle AKA Honey

It took a bit last night (30 minutes), but she got onto a stand, stuck her head through the head stall, and let me milk her without a fight or even much of a "fidget". This morning, she walked right to the stand, and put her head through in just a couple of minutes. She'll take some working with, but she is way ahead of the "curve" already.

I'd like a dozen cows just like her....

My wife's car is looking awful vulnerable....


  1. Touch my car....and I'll sell ALL your tractors! Which means the goats and cows will have to go, cause we won't be able to cut hay...which means the hay equipment can be sold. And you know how grouchy I can be if I don't have some fun time, and since the cows will be gone, I won't have fun making butter and grouchy will be my FIRST name, not my middle name!! And you will be stuck inside with grouch, cause you won't have anything to go take care of outside! *giggle*

    Hmmm maybe then I'd get my 2nd pantry...and my thresholds....and my towel rack....wonder how much you could get for my car? *snicker*

  2. YEOUCH !!!! Down in flames Dach !! LOL
    Crane Man

  3. Too funny.. I have been trying to figure out CALPC...OMG I am ill and there is a name to it. This is not good...
    Thanks for sharing and honey is a honey..
    WoodSpryte Farm

  4. Honey is lovely. I have it too CALPC.

  5. Honey sounds like she's running smoothly!! Great choice.
    Can I come shopping with you next time :)!?
    .....Now I head over to the family cow.....

  6. Too funny! and all too true!

  7. Congrats on your new Honey! Sounds like she is as lovely in the stand as she is in pictures!
    Yes, stricken here too with the incurable strain of CALPC.
    Sell piglets, buy cow, get more pigs to sell to afford more hay, oh wait there is a little extra this minute, look for is a plague!


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