Saturday, September 17, 2011

Lord of the Ring.....

I remember, back in High School, one of the books we were forced to read was "The Lord of the Rings". I managed to get through about 40-50 pages before I couldn't get any further. I told the teacher the next day to give me an "F" or another book, because I was done reading "that garbage".

To my surprise, he gave me a different book....

I'm a big "Science Fiction" fan - give me Star Trek, or anything like that, that holds some SCIENCE behind it - but you can keep the "Dungeons and Dragons" junk.

Besides, yesterday, out in the barn, I found out just who the REAL "Lord" of the "ring" truly is:

I was out there, doing some cleaning and general piddling around, when I hear a pretty good commotion from the milk room. I figure - USUALLY - a commotion means a "photo op", so I grab my handy-dandy point and shot.

Awhile back we somehow managed to "inherit" a box full of canning rings we didn't really need. I had them in storage in the barn. Since NOTHING is sacred, the cats found them. Every once-in-awhile, I find a ring laying out in the middle of the floor where they decided it's "fun" had been used up.

This particular time, I found the too kittens from Missouri laying in a box, still "using" one of those rings.

I guess they thought it was jewelry, but it made the one cat look a little "regal" -

Lord of the Ring...

As soon as they saw me watching them, they quit clowning around, and stopped to pose for the camera. Either that, or they knew their fun was over....

I reached over, and removed her necklace and put it back where it belongs. It looks like a pretty tight fit, but it actually came right off.

I figured it was either end it now, or have to pick the thing up off the floor in the morning....

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  1. Or have to try and catch a cat that is running around on three legs, the other leg which is stuck in the canning ring next to his head.

    Which, would have made another good photo op.

    But I think you intervened just in time.


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