Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Super Chicken

Or maybe just "tough guy wanna be...."

Last night, right about the time for evening milking, I noticed the cows taking a lazy stroll out into the hay field. It was such a nice day (70° for January 30th ain't bad...), they decided to spend it lounging around about as far as they could get from the barnyard.

About as soon as they got out to the wide open spaces, I head out to the barn with the bucket. Of course, the wind was blowing JUST enough, that my voice couldn't be heard by the herd, so I have to go out to within earshot.

Of course, Daisy was the first to hear me as I walked toward them - and she was the only one that actually looked up when she did.

Instantly, she knew it was time to head back to the barn and have supper. Daisy is NEVER one to miss an opportunity for feeding her face.

Daisy headed off toward the barn, and the others caught sight of her heading out. They figured that if she was gonna get fed, then they better hurry back, too. Naturally, Daisy was about 500 feet in the lead by then.

I decided to go through a walk gate, cut across the yard, and (hopefully) get to the barn before Daisy. Luckily, her route wasn't a "straight shot" like mine, so I got there first.

When I got to the barn, I cut through the milk room, past the freezers where I keep the feed, and opened the side door....

Just in time to see Superman standing on the hill beside the barn, defending HIS turf.

(This is an earlier "file photo" of our hero)

Some of our chickens

Daisy entered the small pen about 150' up the hill from the door she was aimed at.

One thing you should know about Daisy - when she is "on a mission", she doesn't "run", but instead, does a stiff-legged "prance" at about half gallup.

And she lets NOTHING stand in her way - not even the "Chicken of Steel".

It was like one of those "Last great act of Defiance" posters - you know - The huge Eagle with wide spread wings, talons blazing, and aimed at the tiny mouse. Then you look close at the mouse's hand and notice he's giving the Eagle "the finger".

Yeah, it was kinda like that.

Super Chicken stood his ground, giving Daisy the evil, hawk-like gaze, and standing steadfast in defense of his "space".

Steadfast, that is, until the speeding, 900 pound cow with no brakes, came charging down the hill, lowered her head, and slammed into the bird with enough force to put a large dent in the side of a truck.

To add misery to mayhem, Daisy did a little "flip" with her nose, at just the right moment, and launched the poor bird about 20 feet. One minute he's Roosterman, the next he's Rocketman, heading face first into a wooden gate.

He got up, dusted himself off, then tried to make like he planned the whole scenario - because there were several hens watching.

I think he's pretty lucky, though, his ego might have slipped a bit, but at least he's not Chicken Salad like he could have been.

As it is, he's just Battered Chicken.

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