Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Load Of Bull....

While I personally know a few people who are full of "it", this is not about that, this concerns my trip I took a couple days ago....

Since we have had trouble with AI and our Jerseys, we decided that the best course of action for us was to invest in a bull for our ladies. Last week, we found a dairy in central Nebraska who had some newborn Jersey, Jersey Cross, and Holstein bucket calves for sale.

We figured that Deb's dad would want a calf to raise up for their freezer, so we told him about them, too.

So, I call the dairy, and ask that two baby boys be reserved for us.
Things changed rather quickly, though. Later that day, I ran into some friends in town, and we started discussing calves. They told me that their three daughters were trying to con them into getting them each a calf for 4H.

These girls are well into taking care of chickens, dogs, horses, and goats, so it wasn't a HARD decision for mom and dad, so they asked if I could pick up three for them, too.

Another call to the dairy reserved the last three.

It was a 300 mile round trip, but I came home with a pile 'O bull in the back of the truck. This is after Deb's dad got his out.

Full of Bull

It was 62° that afternoon, and these guys were enjoying their little bask in the sun. We ended up keeping the one on the left, closest to the tail gate of the truck

By the time I got everything situated, and the three delivered, the momma cows of ours were out in the pasture, and it was dark. I fed junior with some milk from the fridge, then nestled him into a big pile of hay in one of the goat stalls in the barn.

The next morning, the cows were waiting by the door, ready for breakfast. None of them had seen the new guy yet, so it was a HUGE surprise to Clover when she waltzed through the door. She had NO CLUE what she should do, but knew she wanted to do it without him!

Of course, Daisy, Mabel and Honey, snuffled him, then turned their attention to feeding their faces.

After all the milking was done, and the baby was fed, I returned him to his stall. We were just about there, when I FELT eyes burning into me. I looked up to see all three momma cows staring intently through the gate.

"You WILL give us the child....."

"You WILL give us the child....."


It was almost hypnotic....Obi-Wan Kenobi would have been proud of how they used "The Force". I could feel them pulling us toward them.....

Just in time, I managed to pull away from the trance, and stuff the child back into his comfy bed.

They REALLY wanted that calf! They were calling to him softly, giving me the evil stare, and snorting back and forth.

Last evening, I re-arranged in the barn, and came up with a better stall for the little tike. This one is closer to the big cows, and they can actually stick their noses over the rail, and snuffle him.

They're getting too smart, though, I noticed this morning that the hook latch to the pen's gate had been flipped open, and the gate moved. The gate wasn't opened all the way, but they had TRIED.

All is well now, child isn't as alone, the gate is wired shut, momma cow's aren't so worried, and I don't have to use the Vulcan Mind Meld on a cow to stop her from using The Force....

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  1. Hey "Scronge",
    I have been a long time reader of your Blog and I have just added it to my Blog list (Do not why it took so long!).
    I love the work you do with the Old tractors and equipment! I do not have a "Macanical" bone in my body, But I love old farm equipment!
    I too am a retired Old Salt, 24 years in the Navy! And I want to say, Thank you for your service!
    Will keep reading and laughing at all your posts!


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