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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Snow Day....

Just when you think it was safe to go outside because it's warm out, winter re-appears! Not that we've had too much of one so far, but this round seems to want revenge! Last week, we had highs in the 40's and 50's - perfect "outside" weather.

And we were stuck in the house, sick with the flu.....

Now THIS week, we get 20's, and snow up to our ears! So far, after about 4 hours of it coming down like someone is shaking a salt shaker - we have around 3". The wind is blowing - although, not as nasty as they predicted - and the white stuff is piling up.

Yesterday, I hopped on the tractor, hooked up to the blade, and proceeded to try to smooth out the load of rock we had delivered last week. I back up, put the blade down, weasel the control a little bit until it's the PERFECT height off the ground, and start to drag forward. After about 15', the blade loads up to the point where it can't take any more - and it turns straight with the tractor.


Upon further review, the 3/4" pin that holds the blade where you want it, is GONE. Since this is the first time I used the thing since we moved, I ASSUME it got lost on the trip over. At any rate, I dig around until I find a piece of 5/8" rod that worked to get the rock smoothed out. It bent the heck out of it, but worked for what I was doing. Meanwhile, BIL Mark stopped by the local farm store and got a real, grade 8 pin for us. The other worked fine for temporary but, I doubt it it would have lasted much longer.

I got the new pin installed, parked the tractor by the drive, and tarped the operator station, and most of the engine. I won't blade until this storm has passed, but at least I am ready.

Interestingly, our Great Pyrenees LGD never wants into the barn, unless a storm is coming. The last storm we had, she came running up and practically shoved me out of the way! She spent two nights in there, and part of three days. She didn't even WANT to come out.

This morning, there she was, out wandering around. She acted like she wanted to come in, but one of the cows would not let her pass. Once it started snowing - and the cow wasn't looking - Yani came running up, and zipped through the door. I have food and water, as well as the cats, in there, so she will be comfy.

She is a better "weathergirl" than the ones on TV.....

It's just one of those lazy, stormy days that make you wish for spring.

Supposedly, we might get close to a foot of snow out of this.

It's not gonna be a fun couple days!

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