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Sunday, March 3, 2013


Ok, so he might not be QUITE "Goldilocks", but he has "gold" on PART of him.....

It all started about a week ago - I ran out of the usual cat food these poor, mistreated, underpaid, underfed, etc, felines get. I figured that I would just get a small bag to "tide them over" until the first of the month when I could get a big bag again.

Unfortunately, the usual fare doesn't come in a "small" bag, that meant I had to get a different kind. So, I stop by the local farm supply store, and pick up a bag of their "house" brand. It was the same kind I USED to get, before I switched to the kind I get now.

Well, those (evidently) "pampered" fur balls just flat refused to eat the stuff! They had no clue that it was the same stuff they used to plow through, just a few short months before. I ALMOST felt sorry for them, once I heard the chorus of howls and great lamentations.

They didn't much like me telling them to "Go eat mice", either.....

Then there was yesterday morning - I went out to milk the cows, and the cats were all over me, trying to get at the water bucket I use to wash the cow's teats before I hook up the machine. I usually make the felines wait until after I'm done milking....it adds "flavor" to their morning coffee.

Yesterday, they got even MORE flavor - I got molasses on my hands, so I washed them off in the bucket. They don't mind the taste, it just LOOKS bad.

Since the water was a little warm, Gideon (aka - "Goldilocks") came over, sniffed the water, then got his mug REALLY close so he could just BARELY stick his tongue in it. He snapped back, made a funny face, then shook his head briskly. It looked like someone who had just tasted a too hot cup of coffee.

The problem being - the other cats had already taken their drinks....

"I Dunno about this....."
A Little Taste....

"This Porriage is too HOT..."
My Porraige Is Too Hot....

He eventually decided to go ahead, and got a good drink.

He probably figured that, with his luck, there was a bear in his future, so he got it over with, and went back to bed, before they got home.

After I finished outside, I went into town and got some "real" cat food again. This morning, I had a hard time getting the bag open because those little noses smelled the good stuff through the bag, and got in the way. It hadn't even stopped moving in the dish before they attacked it.

Good thing I didn't get them hooked on the super high-dollar stuff......


  1. Those poor, poor mistreated felines.

    You are so heartless. I don't know how they put up with you.

  2. Most of them sleep on the Great Pyrenees LGD at night.....